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When you engage the services of Soon, Craig & Miller you have your own team of Real Estate Professionals working on your projects. A comprehensive circle of disciplines are required to create the optimum return for your investments. SCM offers you the opportunity to have 200 plus years of Real Estate, Finance, Property Management, Financial Analyst, Title, Escrow, Insurance and 1031 professionals reviewing your investment and suggesting and suggesting changes that will enhance your ownership benefits.

Mike Soon

Managing Partner


Mike is an advocate of the ‘Golden Rule’. From childhood his father ingrained in him the importance of treating others as he would like to be treated. Every action and communication he partakes in is founded in “what’s best for his clients”.


40 plus years as a Real Estate and Mortgage Finance Banker has provided him with an enhanced awareness of reading clients words, meanings and intentions at higher levels, i.e. “It is often times more important to recognize what people don’t say or do”.


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Michael Craig

Managing Partner


Michael’s natural competency is being able to “quickly” analyze investment products strengths and weaknesses and to apply loan solutions that best match the borrowers needs. Being extremely current with legislation that affects property valuation and loan product availability and terms he consults with Account Executives on all their loans.


Michael is a 22 year professional in the Real Estate and Mortgage industries and is our resident “first look” Transaction Consultant.


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Don Miller

Managing Partner


Don is a client’s dream consultant. He sits quietly with his investors, almost in a non-existent way, listening for the motivations that drive his investors behavior. Once absorbing his clients message he shares his client’s goals and objectives with staff to determine the best action plan.


Don is a 40 year plus veteran in the Real Estate and Mortgage Industry having lead over 500 financial consultants.


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Eugene Burger

VP Property Management


Eugene is an investor and property manager with over 42,000 doors under his management. With a staff of over 500 employees he is an expert in HUD, Fannie and Freddy products.


Gene has 50 years plus in the Real Estate, Mortgage and Property Management businesses.


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Liz Gilbert

VP Compliance


Liz prides herself on her communication skills, due diligence and over-coming challenges. Always kind, considerate and respectful Liz is also a client’s dream advisor.


Liz has 40 plus years in the Case Management and Escrow business and manages SCM’s our Account Representatives.


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Elizabeth Chau

VP Foreign Relations


Elizabeth is 100% client oriented whose priority is achieving the needs of her clients. As a real estate investor she understands and appreciates the life and activities of investors.


Elizabeth is SCM’s International Relations Liason whose real estate background in Asia commenced 20 plus years ago.


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Fred Council

VP Lender Relations


Fred closes transactions in behalf of his clients. Never leaving a stone unturned he is an expert in finding the most appropriate lending source for his clients.


Fred has 20 plus years in the Real Estate and Mortgage Business and has vast experience in rebuilding communities from the ground up as part of disaster relief. From complex multimillion-dollar community facilities projects to massive business expansions, he links his clients to the best financing sources based on his vast experience. His responsibilities with SCM is to maintain and nurture the nationwide lending resources we utilize to fund our client’s loans.


As a former Area Director for USDA Rural Development, Fred has been instrumental in facilitating millions of dollars in Business and Industry Loan Guarantees & Grants for economic and community development recovery. At the Department of Veterans Affairs in Cleveland, Ohio, Fred was a Senior Loan Specialist. In this critical role, his responsibilities included maintaining a network of national lenders facilitating the “Guaranteed Lending Program” for our Veterans.


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Drew Chung

Chief Technical Officer


Drew is SCM’s resident CTO with 20 + years of supporting Account Executives market their services. In doing so he is intimately involved in the blending of technology with lenders and clients to simplify the loan process.


Equally as important, Drew is highly “client oriented” and does his best to reflect optimum values for investor’s holdings.

Gene Ackerman

Account Rep


It is a privilege to be a part of one of the most important financial transactions in your life…and a responsibility I do not take lightly. This is why I am committed to giving each of my clients the same care and attention I would expect to receive. I work hard going the extra mile to address every detail as they arise, so they do not become problems later in the loan process. From our first meeting, through your loan closing, I will walk with you each step of the way to ensure you know the status of your loan.


I am 100% a family man and enjoy spending time with my beautiful wife and our two sons. In our free time we enjoy snow skiing, motorcycle riding, and mountain and road biking. Having grown up in the bicycle capital of the world, Davis, I have a passion for bikes. Integrity, commitment, passion and fun are all at the core of who I am, and the foundation of my business philosophy.


Gene begin his real estate career as an appraiser. After years of appraising he entered the mortgage lending business.


CADRE# 02115325

Stan Villanueva

Account Rep


Stan measures his loan performance by client’s feedback on how he managed their file. As a perfectionist he take pride in fulfilling his responsibilities in a timely and professional manner.


Stan is a competitor and athlete. As a graduate of Chapin College in Southern California he was the starting Quarterback for the college. Today you can find him on the golf competing as well.


His fighting spirit works when he represents your interest.

David Fitkin

Account Rep


Dave is a 40 year veteran in Commercial Real Estate analysis and transaction structuring.


The cornerstone of Commercial Financing Dave believes and acknowledges is that every investor’s economic and life situation is unique. Given such belief every client is provided a financing strategy that is customized to their needs.


His experience in financial forecasting, operational metric tracking, cost analysis, market trending and mortgage structuring is founded in comprehensive data mining, market analysis, business intelligence valuation techniques.


CADRE# 02115325

David Donsing

Account Rep


Dynamic, positive and proven professional with 30 years of financing and wholesale banking. Significant experience in the areas of business development, sales and operations management, underwriting, and high-level credit and risk management. David has a proven ability to recruit, train and manage highly productive sales and operations teams.


With the ability to accurately and quickly analyze complex financial documentation including partnership and corporate tax returns is able manage and re-engineer complex fulfillment for Commercial Financing of projects. In providing processes to maximize productivity and efficiencies, he has created complex training material across a broad range of origination subjects, product and guideline development for field implementation. David has established and presented training material in the areas of income documentation, title, appraisal, credit analysis, risk analysis and fraud detection.


David has previously assisted in the launch of a National Wholesale Finance Broker Direct Division. They were able to build the finance volume to an amount exceeding $100MM monthly. David managed 135+ sales and operations personnel to meet or exceed company established production goals. He was able to do this with his leadership by being in the Top 3 ranked Area Sales Manager out of 20 in total financing volume.


CADRE# 01366775

NMLS# 353900

Marta Monje



Marta is a Spanish speaking realtor in Nevada and California with extensive paralegal experience in Real Estate and Mortgage Finance.


She is SCM’s Spanish speaking translator.