Michael Craig

Managing Partner


Michael Craig was exposed to Real Estate and Finance by his family from a very young age. He attended with his father as many as 100 meetings a year in those disciplines until attending UC Santa Barbara. Completing his studies at UC he selected Real Estate and Finance as his career. Now 22 years later he has invested and financed properties all over California and Nevada.


Having a marketing and sales background he has been a public speaker, motivational speaker, teacher and consultant for the largest real estate and mortgage finance brokerages in the U.S.


As a Co-CEO of national real estate and mortgage finance companies he has analyzed, valued and financed thousands of investments ranging from raw land, land development, multi – residential, commercial, hotel, cannabis and SBA related projects.


Mike is passionate about politics and legislation which are key factors in determining buy, keep, sell, finance, refinance and 1031 strategies for his investors.


Michael is known to be extremely likable, intelligent, loyal and trustworthy which are the reasons many of his clients of 22 years ago are still his clients today.


CADRE# 01322768 Broker

NMLS# 1405080