Liz Gilbert

VP Compliance


Liz, says Passion, God, her ex-husband, and her parents led her to where she is. Liz believes that an Entrepreneurial Spirit is a mindset. It is an attitude and approach to thinking that actively seeks out change, rather than waiting to adapt to change. It is a mindset that embraces critical questioning, innovation, service, and continuous improvement. It is about thinking like an owner and seeing the big picture. It is never compromising your integrity and ethics and never settling for complacency and taking ownership and pride in your company. Liz has been told she is an anomaly in the industry.


Her passion and Entrepreneurial Spirit for Real Estate has enthusiastically flourished her to learn many aspects of the industry. Nearly 40 years ago, Liz started her real estate endeavor in the business of Escrow. Liz grew up in Agoura, California in a simple family but always reaching for the stars. Her parents where small business owners in Pacific Palisades and Malibu. They taught her and showed her that hard and smart work, perseverance, and drive can allow for a life of whatever you dream. As years went by and she went the course from Assistant to today as a Sr. Escrow Officer and Branch Manager, Liz attributes her aptitude for details to her Escrow Industry Mentors in Brentwood and Pacific Palisades, California. Fast forward after years working in Escrow, Liz had the chance to retire her Escrow Book of Business to stay at home to raise her children. Fast some more, Liz found herself back into the industry essentially starting over, quickly within a year and a half Liz was able to regain her book of business and believes that it is her communication and friendly approach to all within the real estate transaction, that keeps agents coming back. In 2014, it was suggested to Liz to get her Real Estate License by a respected and seasoned Broker of hers. Today, Liz still holds her Real Estate License with that same Broker.


As many find themselves at a time of demise, you can either cave in or strive. Liz’s decision was not to just work and earn a living but to make a difference, to be set apart from others, adding value to the entire transaction and especially for her agents that choose to work with her. She calls it a relay race, with a start, a pace and a finish. The agent starts with the baton, works with and interviews with a client to potentially list their property or sell them a property. The agent is hard at work, negotiating and articulating the keys to the best offer for their client. In her eyes, that means once they have done so, a contract is accepted and onto the next stage which is “Escrow”. The baton is passed. This leg of the transaction requires details and follow up of all to do what they are to do within the contract. This is essential to making or breaking the deal. Essential as the relationship cultivated by the Agent with the client, must continue to the best of escrow’s ability. Whatever it takes to warrant an excellent referral for the agent for further business. So, see, her attitude and knowledge is key. Her motto is “It takes Teamwork to make a Team, Work” the fact that she holder a real estate license is just icing on the cake as as Escrow Officer and key to her success. The next handoff and last leg of the “race” or transaction are the words “YOU ARE CONFIRMED”. She believes in passing the good news to the Agents for them to have the honor of telling their client that the deal is closed.


Liz has worked in mom-n-pop shops as well as the corporate world. Today, a corporation can have so many rules and regulations that can shackle one to do what needs to be done in the Real Estate Industry, hence owning and partnership was critical for her to build her business and superb reputation. Her Entrepreneurial Spirit and leadership skills believe that regardless your position in any organization, everyone has a voice that needs to be nurtured, not criticized so that innovative ideas can be brought forward. How exciting is that to see people become butterflies in front of your eyes. To see others prosper and grow are smiles to Liz’s heart and more importantly to have a great environment where all can be safe and promote. She says and believes in her heart “We can all live our Dreams”. Liz believes in a work culture where all can feel empowered to be the best version of themselves.


Liz’s skills and knowledge of escrows are Residential, Multi-Family, Commercial, Industrial, Conventional Refinance and Private or Hard Money Refinance. She finds herself excited to continue and develop the world of private money and lending.