Eugene Burger is the Founder and Chairman/CEO of Eugene Burger Management Corporation (EBMC), Rohnert Park, California. EBMC is a general service real estate company having interests in development, management, and finance of real property. EBMC’s principal focus is in California and Nevada but owns and operates properties in Texas as well. EBMC’s Corporate Office is at 6600 Hunter Drive, Rohnert Park, California, and maintains regional offices in San Diego, Novato, Auburn, San Francisco, San Jose, and Sacramento, California and Las Vegas and Reno, Nevada.


The EBMC portfolio currently consists of approximately 400 individual properties comprising approximately 42,407 residential units, and 503,573 square feet of office/commercial space, and 1.8 million square feet of retail space. The asset value of the portfolio is in excess of $10,000,000,000. Of this asset group, Mr. Burger/or EBMC serves as the managing general partner for 50 properties with 700 individual investors.


Mr. Burger’s expertise and experience in real estate extends some 49 years and covers a broad range of industry assignments. Mr. Burger served as the National President of the Institute of Real Estate Management in 1981. More recently, he has served as a court-appointed receiver for various lending institutions in California including First Nationwide, Home Savings, Western Savings, the Department of Housing and Urban Development, and as a Special Master for the United States District Court. Mr. Burger has qualified as an expert witness in some 21 bankruptcy and litigation cases. Currently, Mr. Burger serves on several committees of IREM including the National Federal Housing Liaison Committee, Legislative Policy and Review Committee. In addition, Mr. Burger is an invited member of the Counselors of Real Estate of which there are some 1,100 National members.


Mr. Burger is a licensed California Real Estate Broker and a licensed General Contractor in both California and Nevada.


Mr. Burger has developed several diverse property types including the conversion of a church to an office building, costing in excess of $2,150,000; an historical rehabilitation of the San Francisco YMCA to a residential hotel, costing in excess of $12 million; and a self-storage facility of 70,000 plus square feet, costing in excess of $3.2 million. Mr. Burger acquired the vacant Rohnert Park city library, which was converted to EBMC offices with a value of $3,500,000.


Mr. Burger has served as an instructor on the faculty of the Institute for Real Estate Management teaching advance membership courses and has served as the Course Board Director. He has lectured industry wide as well as serving on the faculty of local San Francisco colleges and U.C. Berkeley and holds a lifetime teaching credential with the California Community Colleges.


In addition to the daily management of some 500 plus employees, Mr. Burger is currently active in the conversion of a number of formerly HUD assisted properties to a more conventional market profile while attempting to retain as much as possible of the prior “affordability” for moderate income residents. There are approximately $22,000,000 of real estate currently in this process.


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