Elizabeth Chau

VP Foreign Relations


Elizabeth began her career in Real Estate 20 plus years ago as a Liason between the U.S. and China. The political and economic climate between the U.S. and China was prime for U.S. corporations to expand their commercial activities in China and other foreign countries.


Speaking multiple language and having advanced people and business skills she was successful in establishing one of the first U.S. Franchises to China. Since then she has continued her over-seas contacts with real estate and business investors.


As the International Relations Executive for SCM, Inc she will consult with foreign country entities to expand our ability to serve you, our clients, with non-traditional over – seas financing products and to offer to you the opportunity to sell your properties to aggressive investors seeking property ownership in America.


Elizabeth is integral to our real estate and loan transactions evaluations as she introduces a world-wide view and economy to our Real Estate and Business opportunities.