Our Mission


Dedicated and Loyal Advisors


SCM is dedicated to offering clients the best solutions for their investment goals and challenges. The fast moving international and national business climates demands that we are up to date on current events. It also demands that we are steps ahead of the market place to position our investor’s investments in the best situations and scenarios.


We Treat You with Respect


We pride ourselves in how well we Respect you, your Wishes and your Goals. Advocating what you want with our team lenders and bankers is where our negotiations begin. Where we end is having clients know with certainty that they have been represented with integrity, loyalty and professionalism.


Together We Have Knowledge


SCM Principals and Founders have a combined history in the Real Estate, Finance and Property Management disciplines of 200 years plus. With Staff our combined experience is over 300 years. Blending the wisdom and experience of senior consultants with millennials who are technically proficient creates a synergistic powerhouse of contacts, knowledge and in-house support that creates optimized cost-benefit solutions for our clients.